Björn Medernach

Björn MedernachAdvisor

Areas of expertise
  • Business strategy
  • Research & Development
  • Strategic Planning

Active Research and Developments, Consulting and Troubleshooting in the Passport and Id Documents Industry of more than 50 countries

  • Global Project management in Governance Projects
  • Worked with electron beam evaporation
  • Photo resists coating
  • Photolithography with microposit S1818
  • Developing new Prototypes
  • Creating new forensic features for OVD Kinegram
  • Worldwide technical support and costumer consulting
  • R&D clarifications for OVD Kinegram
  • Consulting Project management in pre sales phases
  • Technical expert in Polycarbonate lamination and new government document features.
  • Laser fiberdiod expert on Trumpf Lasermachines


  • International Governance Projects
  • International Governance Consulting
  • Digital Solutions of Governance Projects
  • Research and Development of physical Government documents
  • General optimization of the lamination
  • Optimization of the visibility of the antennas and smart semiconductor chips
  • laser ablation performance
  • window features
  • integration of optical features on surface combined with ovd’s

Digital Seal: developed the digital seal document and as well the laser ablation parameters.

And a lot more.